A National Museum Celebrating American Writers
Opening in Chicago on May 16, 2017

A National Museum Celebrating American Writers Opening in Chicago on May 16, 2017

Home Curating Team

Curating Team

    Content Leadership Team

  • Marie Arana
    Author; Literary Critic; Senior Advisor to the Library of Congress
  • Dr. Reginald Gibbons
    Francis Hooper Professor of Arts and Humanities, Northwestern University
  • Leonard Marcus
    Author, Critic, and Children’s Book Historian
  • Max Rudin
    Publisher for Library of America
  • Donna Seaman
    Senior Editor, “Booklist,” American Library Association
  • Natasha Trethewey
    Poet, US Poet Laureate 2012 and 2013

    Subject Matter Experts

  • Susan Abbotson
    Professor of English, Rhode Island College; Board member and former President, Arthur Miller Society; Performance Editor, Arthur Miller Journal; Author
  • Ted Atkinson
    Associate Professor, Department of English, Mississippi State University; Author; Editor, Mississippi Quartlerly
  • Jonathan Barron
    Department of English, University of Southern Missisippi; Director, The Robert Frost Society; Author
  • Ann Blair
    Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor of History, Harvard University
  • Matthew M. Briones
    Associate Professor of US History, University of Chicago; Specialist in Asian American and African American history
  • Lynn Brown
    Retired middle school English teacher
  • Toni-Lee Capossela
    Retired college writing professor; Former Director of the Stonehill College Writing Center
  • Cinnamon Catlin-Lugutko
    President/CEO, Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor, ME; Specialist in Wabanaki Nation
  • Michael W. Clune
    Associate Professor of English Case Western Reserve University Robert Casper Head of the Poetry and Literature Center, Library of Congress
  • Maureen Corrigan
    Journalist, Author, and Literary Critic, The Washington Post, NPR
  • Wai Chee Dimock
    William Lampson Professor of English & American Studies, Yale University; Author
  • Paul Durica
    Director of Programs at Illinois Humanities
  • Thomas Dyja
  • Roderick Ferguson
    Professor of African American Studies, Gender & Women’s Studies, Co-Director of Racialized Body research cluster, University of Illinois, Chicago; Author
  • Shelley Fisher Fishkin
    Joseph S. Atha Professor in Humanities, Stanford University
  • Dr. Ed Folsom
    Roy J. Carver Professor of English, The University of Iowa; Editor, Walt Whitman Quarterly Review; Director, Walt Whitman Archive
  • Sandra Gilbert
    Professor of English, University of California, Davis
  • Reed Gochberg
    PhD Candidate, Department of English, Boston University
  • Jacqueline Goldsby
    Professor of English & African American Studies, Yale University
  • Brad Gooch
    Professor of English, William Paterson University; Author
  • David D. Hall
    Bartlett Research Professor of New England Church History, Harvard Divinity School; Co-editor of The History of the Book in America
  • Ronne Hartfield
    Writer; Museum Consultant
  • David Kipen
    Getty/Annenberg Arts Fellow, University of Southern California
  • Jill Lepore
    Author, New Yorker contributor, David Woods Kemper ’41 Professor of American History and Harvard College Professor, Harvard University
  • Jessica Maciejewski
    Chicago high school English teacher; Special Education training
  • Emily Orlando
    Professor, Fairfield University; President, Edith Wharton Society; Author
  • Dr. Kimberly Parker
    Engllish Department Faculty, Cambridge Rindge & Latin School
  • Robert Polito
    Director, MFA Writing Program and Professor of Writing, The New School President, Poetry Foundation, 2012-2015
  • Leah Price
    Francis Lee Higginson Professor of English, Harvard University
  • Jesse Raber
    Adjunct Faculty, Loyola University Chicago and School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • Kathryn Roberts
    Doctoral Candidate, Department of English, Harvard University; Specialist in 20th- & 21st-century American literature, transatlantic modernism, regional & ethnic literary traditions
  • John Russick
    Vice President for Interpretation and Education, Chicago History Museum
  • Carolyn Saper
    Education Consultant Specializing in Children’s Literature and Curriculum
  • Bill Savage
    Associate Professor of Instruction in English, Northwestern University
  • Will Shortz
    Puzzle Master; NPR’s “Weekend Edition Sunday”; Crossword Editor, The New York Times
  • Grant Shreve
    Doctoral Candidate, Department of English, Johns Hopkins University; specialist in 19th- & 20th- century literature, published in American Literature and Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies
  • Scott Slovic
    Professor and Chair of English Department, University of Idaho; Specialist in environmental literature; Editor, ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment; Author
  • Dr. Werner Sollors
    Retired Henry B. and Anne M. Cabot Professor of English Literature and Professor of African and African American Studies, Harvard University
  • Ilan Stavans
    Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture, Amherst College
  • Todd Tietchen
    Assistant Professor in English, University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Cheryl Wall
    Board of Governors Zora Neale Hurton Professor of English, Rutgers University; Editor of Their Eyes Were Watching God: A Casebook
  • David Weimer
    Librarian for Cartographic Collections and Learning, Harvard Libraries, Harvard University
  • Ted Widmer, PhD
    Speechwriter; Former Director and librarian of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University
  • Ivy Wilson
    Associate Professor of English and Director of American Studies, Northwestern University
  • Kelly Wisecup
    Assistant Professor, Department of English, Northwestern University; Specialist in Native American Literature
  • Gary K. Wolfe
    Professor of Humanities, Roosevelt University
  • Carol A. Worsham
    Retired middle school English teacher, Cambridge Public Schools
  • Sunny Yudkoff
    Senior Lecturer in Yiddish, Department of German Studies, University of Chicago