I met a wonderful young boy recently.  He was making paper airplanes – complete with hand drawn insignia and colorful decorations on the wings. He was having a great time sending his finished creations soaring into the air.  When I asked him what else he likes to do besides make paper airplanes, he said, “I like to read.” (What grown up wouldn’t like to hear that answer?)

I asked, “Who is your favorite author?”

He looked at me very solemnly, and replied, “Oh, I don’t have just one favorite author, I have LOTS!”

And then he proceeded to tell me about his favorites, first among whom is JR Tolkien.

Then he said, “You know, I don’t like movies very much.”

When I asked him why, he said, “They are never as good as my imagination!”

This kind of enthusiasm can’t be made up. It comes from the heart and resonates instantly with all of us who love books and reading.

It is why the creation of the American Writers Museum is so important – so that we celebrate American writing and help countless other children and adults learn to appreciate the wonderful art that is writing.

On Giving Tuesday, today, December 1st, I hope you’ll help make the American Writers Museum a reality.  Please click here to donate.
Nike Whitcomb

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