M. Hill Hammock, LaSalle Bank (ret), Co-chairman

Roberta Rubin, The Bookstall at Chestnut Cout (ret), Co-chairman

Roger Baskes, Civic Leader

John W. Estey, S&C Electric Company

Jay Hammer, Theralogix

Werner Hein, Mayer Brown, LLP

Malcolm E. O’Hagan, National Electric Manufacturing Association (ret)

Jerre Stead, IHS Markit


Marie Arana, Simon & Schuster/Harcourt Brace (ret)

Olivia Luk Bedi, Neal, Gerber, & Eisenberg LLP

Gail Bent, Allstate

Allan E. Bulley, III, Bulley & Andrews

Marion Cameron, Sipi Metals Corporation

Michael T. Clune, Clune Construction

S. Leigh Pierson Conant, Civic Leader

Carolyn Curiel, Purdue University (ret)

Edith Falk, Campbell & Company (ret)

Robert Franden, Attorney

James G. Hansen, Source, Inc. (ret)

Jane Irwin, Potash Corporation (ret)

Julie Justie, Allstate

Ivan P. Kane, Mayer Brown, LLP (ret)

Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, Author, journalist

Chase Collins Levey, Author

Coco Meers, Entrepreneur

Catherine Mouly, University of Chicago/Columbia College (ret)

Richard Murphy, Wintrust

Lynne Pace Robinson, Civic Leader

Michael Scodro, Mayer Brown, LLP

Larry Shulman, Boston Consulting Group

Tom Staley, Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin