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Frederick Douglass: Agitator Educational Materials

Fill out the form above to receive the password to access the educational materials below. Different materials are available for grades 1-12, though guidance from a teacher or guardian as to level of depth and specificity is recommended.

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The following instruction sheet will help guide educators through the materials below on which standards are met by each activity, and how to support students completing work virtually.

Frederick Douglass: Agitator Educational Material Instructions

Download worksheets meant to be filled out while exploring Frederick Douglass: Agitator below. 

Grades 1-4

Frederick Douglass Vocabulary Terms (Grades 1-4)

This worksheet explores vocabulary terms that students may find in Frederick Douglass: Agitator. Please note that each page represents a different grade level.

Grades 5-12

Frederick Douglass: Agitator Worksheet

This worksheet can be used by grades 5-12, as it can be scaled for the topic you are currently working on. 

Other activities for students include:

Visit the Portraits page and complete the “Agitate Yourself” mosaic activity found at the bottom of the page. This asks visitors to download a folder of images (or supplement with their own selfies) and create a mosaic that shows them as an agitator. Feel free to share your students works with us on social media!

Download this short list of further recommended readings to explore other works on the lives of enslaved people in the United States

Further Recommended Readings

Watch this program video of Manisha Sinha, professor and author of The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition