Jim has spent more than 35 years in the media, from newspaper reporter to television news executive to media entrepreneur. His company, C3 Media Solutions, was retained by Time Warner in 1990 to design, build and launch one of the country’s most successful cable networks, The Courtroom Television Network. For 18 years C3 Media operated and managed all of the network’s broadcast operations. C3 Media Solutions, also designed and launched music channels in Hong Kong and South America for the Warner Music Company, designed and launched Six Flags Television for Time Warner Entertainment, designed, launched and operated a shopping channel for Time Warner Cable Programming. Jim held a variety of executive news management positions at CNN, and traveled the world extensively producing news coverage of the world’s major news events during the 1980’s. While serving in the Navy, he was editor and broadcaster for the Armed Forces Radio Network in Iceland, and served as editor and publisher for various Navy publications in Greece, Puerto Rico and aboard the Apollo 7 recovery ship.

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