Regis Delmontagne

Regis is retired from the National Printing and Equipment Association (NPES) where he served as President from 1976 to 2005. He served as Chairman of the Associations Council of the National Association of Manufacturers, (NAM), on which he also served as a Director. He served on the Advisory Board for the School of Printing at Rochester Institute of Technology. While employed he was active in several Washington based organizations in the association community as well as lobbying groups. He has lengthy experience in the international field, opening NPES offices in Moscow, Shanghai, Tokyo, New Delhi and Sao Paolo. He has served on the Advisory Board of the Moscow State University’s School of Printing, where in 2005 he was awarded an Honorary PhD for his contributions to the Russian printing industry. He was named a Visiting Professor at Wuhan University as well as at Beijing Institute for Graphic Communications. He continues to teach at Universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, Ukraine.Regis is a native of Pittsburgh and received his degree in Advertising/English from Duquesne University and his work experience includes working for 3 newspapers in the Pittsburgh area. He has a special interest in literature and the printed word as                                                                                                 exemplified by his collecting antique and unusual bound books.

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