Welcome to the American Writers Museum Blog!

We are in the midst of exciting times at the American Writers Museum.  Since our founding in 2010, we have attracted support from foundations, corporations, government and individuals – all in support of the establishment of the FIRST and ONLY museum in America that will celebrate writers.

As of Friday, August 21, 50 different author homes and museums have affiliated with us to unite our collective voices on behalf of literature and inspiration it brings to us all.  Whether you are a fan of popular fiction, non-fiction, poetry, lyrics, speeches, plays, movies, children’s literature – any discipline of writing that has caused you to think differently, learn new facts and skills, the American Writers Museum plans to entice you and excite you to learn even more, AND, keep reading!

We will post a new blog every Tuesday, and welcome comments as well as additional bloggers to join our ranks.

Best regards, Nike Whitcomb, Executive Director

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