2018 Annual Donors

$100,000 and up

S. Leigh Pierson Conant and Douglas R. Conant

The Meijer Foundation

The Negaunee Foundation

Stead Family Foundation

Wintrust Financial

$50,000 – $99,999

Abra Prentice Foundation, Inc.

Maree G. Bullock, in memory of Jimmie R. Alford

M. Hill and Cheryl Hammock

Malcolm and Virgina O’Hagan

$25,000 - $49,999

Allstate Insurance Company

Roger and Julie Baskes

Lloyd and Kathryn Bettis

Thomas and Mary Carmel Borders

Bulley & Andrews LLC

Chicago Council of the American Writers Museum

John and Cathie Estey

Jay and Robin Hammer

Gerry Gedroic Lichterman

Poetry Foundation

Ralph and Evelyn Davis Family Foundation

Larry Shulman and Rhonda Rochambeau

$10,000 - $24,999


Bristol-Meyers Squibb Foundation

Marion A. Cameron

Dr. Scholl Foundation

Robert and Gena Franden

James and Carol Hansen

Werner and Marleen Hein

Irvin Stern Foundation

Jane Irwin

Ivan and Kathy Kane

Komarek-Hyde-McQueen Foundation

Chase and Mark Levey

MacMillan Publishers

Coco and Ethan Meers

Catherine Mouly and Ted Carlson

John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe

S&C Electric Company

Alexander and Robin Stuart

$5,000 - $9,999

Arch W. Shaw Foundation

The Bedi Family Foundation

Gail Bent

Norman and Virginia Bobins

Robert A. and Joan E. Clifford

Michael T. Clune

James and Nina Donnelley

Edith and Gerald Falk

Heritage Auctioneers & Galleries

Michael and Lisa Hotchkiss

Jan and Bill Jentes

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Koldyke

Daniel Korengold and Martha Dippell

Mayer Brown

Milne Family Foundation

Richard and Mary Beth Murphy

Shanti Nagarkatti

Ken and Jossy Nebenzahl

John D. and Alexandra C. Nichols

Burton X. and Sheli Rosenberg

Roberta Rubin

Don and Joyce Rumsfeld

Sara Lee and Axel Schupf

Michael Scodro and Tracey Zima Scodro

Carole and Gordon Segal

$1,000 - $4,999


Frank and Catherine Araneo

Lisa Barrow and Jonas Fisher

Carol and Gary Berman

Andy and Shaun Block

Elaine and Joseph Borruso

Jack and Deedee Brannigan

Joseph Brennan and Leslie Shad

Liz and Skip Coggin

Craig and Teri Colmar

Carey Cranston and Ellen Tritschler

Robin and Edward Culbertson

John and Jane Demler

Patricia Dodson

Margaret Duncan and John Bisbikis

Harve Ferrill

Frederique I. Hartog-Levin

Joseph Hassett

Beverly and Warren Hayford

Bradley Henderson

Henderson Legal Services

James F. Hunnewell

Jane Rotrosen Agency

Johnson & Bell

Julie and Ken Justie

Vivian Kaplan

Robert and Emily King

Eugene and Carol Ludwig

Susan and Doug Lyons

Meredith Mays Espino

Ann McDermott

Paul and Penelope McDonnell

Olivia Bedi’s Facebook Friends

Jessie and Robert Palmer

Kathryn and John Palmer

Sara Paretsky

Joseph Parker

Chad Riley

Charles Rizzo

Stephen and Ann Ross

Clark and Marcia Silcox

Ruth and Joel Schoenmeyer

Richard Shutran

Sikich, LLP

John Sirek and Colleen Loughlin

Skirt PR

Stanley and Donna Slabas

Smith Blake & Hill

Neil and Kris Thomas

Richard Traut

April Tritschler

Therese Unumb and Philip Thompson

Matt Walch

Nike Whitcomb

Jeffrey Wright

Writopia Labs

Daniel and Angela Yergin

$250 - $999

Basel Al-Aswad

Margery Al-Chalabi

Randall Albers


Stephen W. and Susan M. Baird Foundation

Bedi & Singer

Jonathan and Olivia Bedi

Elysa J. Blacker

Judith Block

Elizabeth Boe

Hindy Bogner-Orenstein

Kathy Borrus

Michael Burke

Anthony Buttitta

Bob Byman

Sally Campbell

Philip and Julie Croll

Regis and Elena Delmontagne

Jeff Deutsch

William and Susanna Doolin

Andrea Dudek

Richard Eisenberg

Joan and Kevin Evanich

J. and E. Fanuzzi

Barry and Jeanette Filderman

Deborah and James Franczek

Mark and Cindy Fuller

Art Garwin

Terry Gilman

Andrew and Ann Gore

Andres Guzman

Caroline Hammock

Philip L. Harris

Kathy Hatcher

Julia Hauldren

Marilyn Hayden

James Holderman

Amanda Hollis

Laurie Howick

Monica Hughson

Laura Huizenga

Ogden Hunnewell

Elinor and Ross Jannotta

Kelly Jocius

Julie Katz

Christine and Glenn Kelly

Claire Kenny

Lori Koetters and Brian Smith

Maria Kronfeld

Stuart and Shermin Kruse

Justin Kulovsek

Lilibet Snellings Kyte and Peter Kyte

Karen Latchford

Phyllis Lee

Michael Lewis

Kathi and Tom Loughlin

Pamela and Greg Lungmus

Denise Macey

John Mackey

Helen Marlborough

Betsy Martens and Gary Von Euer

Judith Massuda

Mary and Peter Mavrogenes

Madison McDonald

W. David McGarry

Dawn H. Miller

Katherine Minarik

Susan and George Morris

Corinne Morrissey

Kim O’Brien

Andrew Olson

Tim Oravec

Taylor Overman

Hyde and Ann Perce

Eve and Michael Perri

Melissa Phillips

PRM Consulting Inc

Mike Puican and Mary Hawley

Anne and Brent Ray

Angel Rivera

James Rocks

Jade and Ryan Routson

Marilyn and Al Rush

Swati Saini

Mary T. Schneider

Sarah Schrup

Mary Serrahn

Suzanne Shapiro

Suzanne Shier

Randi Sidgmore

Joanne Starzec

Jo Ann Stevenson and Marshall Grate

Eric Stone

Jon Stromberg

Tariq Taherbhai

Caroline Vickrey

Julie Weary

Samuel and Charlene Wexler

Sue Wilder

Douglas Wilkerson

Sallie Wolf

Karina Yuen Wong

Susan Youdovin

Shaun Zhang