2019 Annual Donors

$100,000 and up

S. Leigh Pierson Conant and Douglas R. Conant

John and Cathie Estey

The Meijer Foundation

The Negaunee Foundation

Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

Abra Prentice Foundation, Inc.

Malcolm and Virgina O’Hagan

Stead Family Foundation

Wintrust Financial

$25,000 - $49,999

Roger and Julie Baskes

Chicago Council of the American Writers Museum

Ellen and Don Clark

Jay and Robin Hammer

Hill and Cheryl Hammock

Jane Irwin

Ned Jannotta

Catherine Mouly and Ted Carlson

National Endowment for the Humanities

Ralph and Evelyn Davis Family Foundation

John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe

Steven and Jessica Sarowitz

S&C Electric Fund

$10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (2)

BMO Financial Group

Bulley & Andrews LLC

Marion A. Cameron


Michael T. Clune

Efroymson Family Fund

First Eagle Bank

Robert and Gena Franden

Hammond Education Foundation

Werner and Marleen Hein

Joel and Diane Jastromb

Julie and Kevin Justie

Ivan and Kathy Kane

Emily and Robert King

Komarek-Hyde-McQueen Foundation

Angela Moore

Linda S. Nagarkatti

Shanti Nagarkatti

Dominique Raccah and Raymond Bennett

ReaderLink, LLC

Roberta Rubin

Larry Shulman and Rhonda Rochambeau

Jennifer Steans

Alexander and Robin Stuart

$5,000 - $9,999

Allstate Insurance Company

Davinder Anand

Arch W. Shaw Foundation

Gurminder Bedi

Lloyd and Katherine Bettis

Gail Bent

BMO Wealth Management

Norman and Virginia Bobins

Amy and Paul Carbone

Chicago Cubs

Clune Construction Company

Carolyn Curiel and Mark Van Fleet

James and Catherine Denny

Edith and Gerald Falk

John Lillard

Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

Martin J. Koldyke

Michael LoPresti

Mayer Brown LLP

Raymond and Judy McCaskey

Coco and Ethan Meers

Henry J. Munez

Northwestern Memorial Foundation

Patrick O’ Hagan

Plunkett Cooney

Judy Pomeranz


Lionel Rabb

Robert R. McCormick Foundation

Sheli and Burton Rosenberg

Sarah Schrup

Michael Scodro and Tracey Zima Scodro

Securitas Security Services USA

Wells Fargo Private Bank

Westminister Capital

$1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous (2)

Dennis Abboud

Frank and Catherine Araneo

Olivia and Jonathan Bedi

Carol and Gary Berman

Sara Bhatia

Kate Boege

Scott and Beth Brady

Jack and Deedee Brannigan

Joseph Brennan and Leslie Shad

Bill and Heather Burgess

Walter Carlson

Ellen Carnahan

Liz and Skip Coggin

John Cole

William F. Conlon

Carey Cranston and Ellen Tritschler

Crest Insurance Group

John and Rosemary Croghan

Robin and Edward Culbertson

Philippe and Agnes De Dreuzy

Sue and Byron Dickes

Margaret Duncan and John Bisbikis

William M. and Joan Dutton

Steve Fitzell

Gail Fosler

Jack Frigo

Deborah Gelin

Mitchell Gordon

Tom and Claire Goulding

Joseph Hassett

Scott Heitmann

Hugh M. Hefner Foundation

Joseph Huyler and Jackie Jackson

Christine and Glenn Kelly

Richard and Joan Kohn

Bill Kurtis and Donna LaPietra

Lorry Lichtenstein

Ludwig Family Foundation

Susan and Douglas Lyons

Margaret Maclean

Lynn C. Maddox

Ann McDermott

Millbrook Properties

Dave Miniat

Robert Moriarty

Robert S. Murley

Richard and Mary Beth Murphy

Gregory Mutz

Ken and Jossy Nebenzahl

John D. and Alexandra C. Nichols

Sharon and Leon Oberlander

Charles O’Connor, III and Susan Plaeger

Kathryn and John Palmer

Robert and Jessie Palmer

Sara Paretsky

Joseph L. Parker, Jr.

Michael Power

Kristen Prinz

Charles Rizzo

John Robak

Lynne and Lawrence Robinson

Stephen and Ann Ross

John Rubin

John and Amanda Rutledge

John and Alice Sabl

Andy Salk

Allison and Anthony Sansone

David and Mary Schlott

Joseph Scoby

Walt Sheffler

Clark and Marcia Silcox

John Sirek and Colleen Loughlin

Stanley and Donna Slabas

Marilyn Stewart

Chandler and Paul Tagliabue

Philip Neil Tague

Richard Traut

April Tritschler

Therese Unumb and Philip Thompson

Vedder Price P.C.

Jon and Shari Vegosen

Edward J. Wehmer

Betty and Stanley Weinberger

James Whitney

Scott Williamson

Karen Yuen Wong and Mark Wadley

Irv and Carol Yoskowitz

$250 - $999

Basel Al-Aswad

Randall Albers

Amaze Design

Sarah and Vincent Anderson

Susan and Stephen Baird

Sid Bala

Anthony Barash

Robin Bauer

Stuart Baum

Robert and Arlene Bein

Peter Bensinger

Elysa Blacker

Wasim Bleibel

Andy and Shaun Block

Judith Block

Hindy Bogner-Orenstein

Kathy Borrus

Elaine and Joseph Borruso

Jason Brett

Carolyn Brinkman

Sally Campbell

Ann Carey and Gregg Walla

Susan Clarke

Deborah Clarkson

College of William & Mary

Pamela Costas

Sarah Crewe and Patrick Connor

Philip and Julie Croll

James and Peg Crowley

John Czyzycki

Christopher Dayal and William Steinfeld

Nancy Dehmlow

Regis and Elena Delmontagne

Mary Dempsey

Mike and Denise Dickens

Yves Dinte

Paulette Dodson

Helen DuBois

Tom and Eden Elieff

Diana Ferguson

Barry and Jeanette Filderman

Ann Folwell Stanford

Deborah and James Franczek

Friends of American Writers

Mark and Cindy Fuller

Kevin and Kathleen Gallagher

Arthur Garwin

Kendal and Kenneth Gladish

Martha and Todd Golub

Barbara Goodman

Andrew and Ann Gore

Jeffrey and Ilene Gutman

John and Cheri Hayes

Christie Hefner

Mike Hesselbach

Jack Higgins

Laurie Howick

Jacqueline Jackson

Judith Jurin Semo and Joseph Semo

Julia Karagianis

James Kelly

Claire Kenny

Allison Kollar

Daniel Korengold and Martha Dippell

Stuart and Shermin Kruse

Justin Kulovsek

Joseph Kye

Karen Latchford

Randall M. Lending

Judy and Stephen Levin

Robert Levin

Jaedene and Charles Levy

Edward Liebow and Erin Younger

Michael Malkin

Helen Marlborough and Harry Roper

Betsy Martens and Gary Von Euer

Mary and Peter Mavrogenes

Meredith Mays Espino

Molly McGinnis Stine

Martha McGivern and Luis Calzada

Mark Miller

Jonathan Moore

Susan Morris

Corinne Morrissey

Frank and Jackie Murnane

Sheila Murphy

Lisa Nee

Bethany and Brandon Ngo

Sally and Luis Nieto

Maura O’Hara

Morgan Olenski

Jane Ottenberg and Richard Creighton

Joanne Pastwa

Patricia Hurley and Associates, Inc.

Susan A. Payne

Chris Perry

Jon Phillips

Craig and Tara Primis

Carol Prins and John Hart

Monica and Jim Pruyn

Neil K. Quinn

Anne and Brent Ray

Chad Riley

Robin S. Ross

Joyce and Don Rumsfeld

Peter and Mara Sagal

Michael and Cynthia Scholl

Roche Schulfer

Jonathan and Lauren Schwartz

Laura Schwartz and Susan Santiago

Andrew and Gabrielle Schwertfeger

Marsha Serlin

Suzanne Shapiro

Jeffrey Sharp

Patricia Smart

Mollie Starnes

Joanne Starzec

Joan Steel

Joanne Stevenson and Marshall Grate

Todd Stocke

Eric Stone

Ramello and Durkin Storino

Karen Teitelbaum

Dana and Karen Twible

Lisa and Andrew Vandecaveye

Caroline Vickrey

Jacqueline Vossler

Lisa Warshauer and David Simmons

Steve and Lorrayne Weiss

Carol Wells

David Wheeler

Nike Whitcomb

Douglas Wilkerson

Audrey Williams-Lee

Adam Wolek

Shaun and Christina Zhang

Amy Ziegler

Founding Patrons

The AWM is grateful to its Founding Patrons, who made leadership gifts in the early days of the museum’s development. Thanks to these generous friends, the AWM became a reality.

$1 million +

S. Leigh Pierson Conant and Douglas R. Conant

Malcolm and Virginia O’Hagan

Stead Family Foundation

$500,000 – $999,999

John and Cathie Estey

The Meijer Foundation

The Negaunee Foundation

Wintrust Financial

$250,000 - $499,999

Roger and Julie Baskes

Jay and Robin Hammer

James and Carol Hansen

$100,000 - $249,999


Bulley & Andrews

Maree G. Bullock, in memory of Jimmie R. Alford

Marion A. Cameron

Clune Construction

M. Hill and Cheryl Hammock

Jastromb Family Philanthrophic Fund

John and Mary Pappajohn

S&C Electric Company

$50,000 - $99,999

BMO Harris Bank

Chicago Community Trust


Robert and Gena Franden

Joyce and Bruce Gates

Werner and Marleen Hein

Ivan and Kathy Kane

Marc Realty

Jim and Linda Mitchell

Catherine Mouly and Ted Carlson

National Endowment for the Humanities

Poetry Foundation

Roberta Rubin and Family

$25,000 - $49,999

Abra Prentice Foundation, Inc.

Allstate Insurance Company

Lloyd and Kathryn Bettis

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bobins, The Robert Thomas

Bobins Foundation

Chicago Council of The American Writers Museum

Ellen and Don Clark

Robert A. and Joan E. Clifford

Combe Family


Daniel Korengold and Martha Dippell

The Donnelley Foundation

William and Joan Dutton

Frank and Gayle Eby

Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust

Stephanie and Roger Hochschild

Jane Irwin

Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Koldyke

Komarek-Hyde McQueen Foundation

Chase Collins Levey

Gerry Gedroic Lichterman

The Descendants of General Alexander C. McClurg

Coco and Ethan Meers

Milne Family Foundation

Alexandra C. and John D. Nichols

Penguin Random House

Ralph and Evelyn Davis Family Foundation

H. John and Diane M. Riley Family Fund

Burton X. and Sheli Rosenberg

Larry Shulman and Rhonda Rochambeau

Robin and Sandy Stuart Foundation

Angela Stent and Daniel Yergin

Anonymous (3)

Tom and Mary Carmel Borders

The Brinson Foundation

Carey Cranston and Ellen Tritschler

Bill and Kittie Devers

Paul Dykstra and Spark Cremin

Joan and Kevin Evanich

Edith and Gerald Falk

Hachette Book Group

Ronne and Robert Hartfield

Harvey Hubbell Foundation

Beverly and Warren Hayford

IHS Markit

Jannotta Family Fund

Lamar, Lisa, Mary, Elaine and Paul Johnson

Macmillan Publishers

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Moss

Richard W. Muzzy and Susan Beebe Muzzy

Mr. and Mrs. Ray E. Newton, Jr.

Lynne and Larry Robinson

Sara Lee and Axel Schupf

Arch W. Shaw Foundation

Savills Studley

Nike B. Whitcomb