We welcome groups! Bring your corporate team, conference group, student group, club, family or friends.

In addition to a self-guided museum visit, you can book an experience for your group of 10+ for additional team bonding, sensory engagement, group learning, and meaningful exploration. 


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Group tour at the American Writers Museum

Museum Tour Options for Private Groups

Guided tours start at $75 for up to 15 people, excluding the Museum Tour with AWM President. AWM member discount available. 

Perfect for first time visitors!

Explore the Museum with President Carey Cranston as your guide. Learn about the founding of the museum, behind-the-scenes details, and how the exhibits were created. Higher rates apply.

Learn about the legacy and enduring impact of Frederick Douglass, as well as other abolitionists who came before Douglass and the impact they had on him, and the writers who were influenced by Douglass and carried his activism forward.

Discover the women of American literature with this tour highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of literary foremothers.

Highlighted immigrant and native writers in each area of the Museum.

The voices of Hispanic writers have always been a part of the American literary landscape: from 1528 Spanish expeditions, to the first Puerto Rican librarian in New York City, to contemporary Chicago poets.

The man behind the myth, from talking ravens to thumping tell-tale hearts. You’ll dive into Poe’s work and see how his legacy continues to impact the world today.

Did you know Emily Dickinson was a lesbian? Well, it’s possible, at least. In this unique tour of the American Writers Museum, you’ll discover how many great works of American writing were created by LGBTQ+ writers, who used their sexuality and gender identity as inspiration for their work. You’ll explore, in turn, how those works, and the works of heterosexual and cisgender writers, became essential pieces of contemporary queer culture.

A group of people in business attire socializing at the American Writers Museum

Corporate Groups

Bring your corporate group on your next company outing to the American Writers Museum for experiences that foster trust and collaboration for team building. Many of our carefully designed and fun team building experiences explore themes relevant to Learning and Development and DEI initiatives. 

Learn more by downloading our Corporate Group Experience flier

Catered Meals with Food for Thought

This woman-owned local business is our culinary partner. They can design menus that thematically integrate with your company outing or group experience. $12-$25/pp

Team Building Activities

Special for corporate groups, this fun and thought-provoking team bonding exercise gets groups to work in teams to solve a variety of puzzles, word games, and creative activities that build trust and collaboration.  

First you’ll get a brief orientation tour to the interactive exhibits of the American Writers Museum. Then teams will compete for scavenger hunt prizes with prompts that get you interacting with the exhibits and each other while you learn about diverse writers of genres from poetry to horror stories and music lyrics. You’ll have some free time to explore the museum and hopefully get inspired to read and write before we reflect on our experience, announce the winners, and divvy out the prizes.  

Theme: Collaboration and DEI

Duration: 90 minutes to Two hours 

Group Size: 10 minimum, 60 maximum

Price: $50 per person

Add-on: After hours access

    • 21st floor
    • capacity 20-24 
    • Nominal fee



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Students on a field trip interact with the Featured Works touch tables at the American Writers Museum in Chicago

K-12 School Groups

For curriculum-based field trips for K-12 school groups and online learning materials, please book a field trip with the education team.

K-12 Field Trips
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Venue Rental

For venue rental and hosting an after hours evening event, please request a quote.

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