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Roger and Julie Baskes

BMO Harris Bank

Bulley & Andrews, LLC

S. Leigh Pierson and Douglas R. Conant

John and Cathie Estey

Werner and Marleen Hein

Jane Irwin

The O’Hagan Family

Jerre and Mary Joy Stead

Wintrust Financial Corporation



Barb and Mike Cabay

Marion A. Cameron

Ellen and Don Clark

Robert A. and Joan E. Clifford

Jay and Robin Hammer

Hill and Cheryl Hammock

Catherine Mouly and Ted Carlson

National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)

Patrick O’Hagan and Paula Llaneza

Dominique Raccah and Raymond Bennett

John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe

Roberta Rubin

Larry Shulman and Rhonda Rochambeau

S&C Electric Company Fund

The Steans Family



Davinder K. Anand – The Neilom Foundation

Gail C. Bent

Lloyd and Kathryn Bettis

Scott and Beth Brady

Patricia and Robert Bridgeman

Amy and Paul Carbone

Carey Cranston and Ellen Tritschler

Carolyn Curiel and Mark Van Fleet

Edith and Gerald Falk

Robert and Gena Franden

The Hotchkiss Family

Hummer Mower Associates

Ivan and Kathy Kane

Christine and Glenn Kelly

Coco and Ethan Meers

Grove Mower and Brooke Hummer

Judy Pomeranz

John and Diane Riley

Lynne and Larry Robinson

Sarah Schrup

Michael and Tracey Scodro

Chicago Council of the American Writers Museum