The American Writers Museum believes in the power of writing to influence our history, our culture and our daily lives. Our educational programming aims to inspire future generations of American writers. In these materials you will find downloadable curriculum to use at your own pace, guided virtual tours of our online exhibits, video tours and information about virtual field trips including online meet-and-greets with renowned and emerging writers working today. 

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If your class is interested in an in-person field trip at the American Writers Museum, please visit this page for more information.

Students on a field trip interact with the Featured Works touch tables at the American Writers Museum in Chicago

Virtual Field Trips

The American Writers Museum is excited to offer a wide array of educational opportunities. Classes from across the country can enjoy the options below. Please fill out the form on the book now page to receive more information about booking the virtual experience that best suits your classes’ needs.

Guided Exploration of the American Writers Museum

Led by a museum staff member, classes can be guided live through a tour of Nation of Writers and Mind of a Writer permanent exhibits. Or they can be guided through our online exhibits, My America: Immigrant and Refugee Writers Today or Frederick Douglass: Agitator.Scroll down to learn more about our online exhibits, and for a pre-recorded exploration of Museum space, click here.

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Mind of a Writer Live Activities

Lead your students through interactive gameplay and pop quizzes on major works of the past and present. High school students can test their knowledge of great American singers and songwriters and learn about literary allusions in their favorite music. Elementary school students travel into the past and learn how written works have changed into on-screen adaptations, while also testing their deciphering skills by translating emojis into the titles of classic books.

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Writer Wednesdays – Coming Soon

The Writer Wednesdays program will offer students a weekly standing opportunity to connect with a writer once a week for a 20-minute pre-recorded lesson and 30- to 40-minute live Q&A with a published author about the craft of writing.

Writer Wednesdays will be coming soon. Please indicate interest using the booking form, and the education team will contact you at a later date.

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Online Resources

These educational resources will enhance your virtual field trip or classroom experience. Explore online exhibits, watch videos of readings and author talks, and more! 

Additional resources such as downloadable materials for each exhibit and guided walkthroughs will be available on this page upon filling out the form below. If you have questions on how to use these resources, please contact the Education team at

My America: Immigrant & Refugee Writers Today

The My America: Immigrant and Refugee Writers Today intiative explores the influence of modern immigrant and refugee writing in America on our culture, history, and daily lives.

Visit the Online Exhibit

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Frederick Douglass: Agitator

Author and orator Frederick Douglass was a “self-made man” (the title of one of his most popular speeches). His words – passionate, brilliant, and powerful – denounced violent racism in the South while demanding true equality for all Americans.

Visit the Online Exhibit 

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Additional My America: Immigrant & Refugee Writers Today Resources

My America Curriculum Outline – Instructions for Educators

Our teacher materials are designed to help educators create a structure that will benefit students who view our newly designed exhibit virtually.

My America Curriculum – Organizer for Students

Use this graphic organizer to keep your findings in order as you watch the My America videos. Please read the instructions at the top of the first page before beginning.

Size: 382 KB

Additional Frederick Douglass: Agitator Resources

Frederick Douglass: Agitator Curriculum Instructions

This instruction sheet will help guide educators through the materials below on which standards are met by each activity, and how to support students completing work virtually.

Frederick Douglass: Agitator Vocabulary Terms (Grades 1-4)

This worksheet explores vocabulary terms that students may find in Frederick Douglass: Agitator. Please note that each page represents a different grade level.

Frederick Douglass: Agitator Worksheet (Grades 5-12)

This worksheet can be used by grades 5-12, as it can be scaled for the topic you are currently working on.

Other Activities for Students

My America: Immigrant and Refugee Writers TodayShare Your Immigration Story Here!

Participate in a group activity in which students can submit their immigration or migration story and see it alongside other visitor stories.


A mosaic of Frederick Douglass made of smaller photos of him with the title Frederick Douglass: Agitator across the bottomVisit the Portraits page of Frederick Douglass: Agitator and complete the “Agitate Yourself” mosaic activity

This asks visitors to download a folder of images (or supplement with their own selfies) and create a mosaic that shows them as an agitator. Feel free to share your students works with us on social media or the on-page uploader!

Further Recommended Readings on Enslaved People

Download this short list of further recommended readings to explore other works on the lives of enslaved people in the United States.