Tickets, Hours & More

Plan your trip to the museum, check out
ticket information and pricing, accessibility
and more.

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Parking & Directions

Everything you need to know, from directions to parking, for an effortless outing to the museum.

A typewriter in the Story of the Day display
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Group Rates

Group tours of all types and ages for self-guided tours (10 person min. / 50 person max.) must be booked in advance, does not apply to walk-ins.

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Find out more about all of our exhibits in our permanent and temporary galleries.

Visitors at the Featured Works table
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Class Field Trips

Learn more about field trips and book your student group today. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

A group of students in oragne t-shirts at the American Writers Museum
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Please be aware that when you visit, there may be staff on site capturing images, video, or sound recordings to be used for commercial purposes. By entering the AWM facility, persons consent and agree to the following: Images or likeness photographs and video can be used for any purpose including, but not limited to, Publications, Web Pages, Videos, Brochures, and Advertisements.