A group of visitors interact with the American Voice timeline in the Nation of Writers Gallery at the American Writers Museum in Chicago, IL. A blonde woman in a black sweater in the middle ground is the focus of the photo.

Sponsors are important partners that support AWM exhibits, programs and events. Sponsors receive recognition, special opportunities in the museum, and association with the nation’s only museum celebrating American writers. We invite you to have a conversation with us about a mutually beneficial partnership.

Current Sponsorship Opportunities

Free Day Sponsorship: $5,000

Your company can help everyone enjoy the American Writers Museum by sponsoring a day of free admission. 

The specific day will be determined by the AWM in collaboration with your company. Talk to us about connections between your company or industry and an American author or book!

Free Day Sponsor recognition includes:

  • Company name and logo on screens and signs throughout the museum on your free day
  • Publicity directed to the AWM’s well-read, highly-educated, and socially-engaged audience — in emails to 24,000 subscribers and in social media posts during the week leading up to your free day
  • Opportunity to promote your company’s free day to your employees and customers
  • Links between your company’s website and the AWM website
  • 50% discount on the museum rental fee for your private event on the evening of your free day, or at another time 
A man with crossed arms looking at an exhibit at the American Writers Museum in Chicago. Photo by @oblinn

For more information, please contact Linda Dunlavy, Director of Development 

(312) 374-8762