Write In Youth Education Program

Write In is the AWM’s in-museum program for middle and high school students. It combines the unique experience of an AWM field trip with specially-designed curriculum that uses our exhibits and featured authors to encourage young people to write with creativity and confidence. The curriculum helps students have a more meaningful experience during their 90-minute visit, and can be continued and expanded by teachers in the classroom. The Write In curriculum is part of all scheduled field trips.

Write In is supported by the Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust, the Combe Family, the Ralph and Evelyn Davis Family Foundation, and the Irvin Stern Foundation.

Student Reactions:

“I learned about authors I’ve never heard of and new information about some I had heard of!”

“In the end, I no longer felt like giving up and was amazed by the process of writing. Although I ended up with something completely different than what I started with, I appreciated the opportunity to make a mistake, revise my writing, and continue to create something new.”

“I loved the typewriters. Usually in a museum, you can’t touch anything. You guys made an interactive environment and that made it unique.”

“The AWM created an environment of curiosity that made me want to go home and write more!”