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Short Stories Remain Alive

As we’ve learned, American authors of short stories were once regarded as less prominent than [...]

The Right Time to Write

When is the right time to write? What is the best setting? What’s the ideal [...]

Short and Sweet: The American Short Story

American writers of short stories used to be regarded as less prominent than novelists. In [...]

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American Authors of Short Stories – Part Two

Katherine Anne Porter (1890-1980) was born Callie Russel Porter to Harrison Boone Porter and Mary [...]

American Authors of Short Stories – Part One

Stories are a part of life.  They’re everywhere.  We relate them over the phone to [...]

Genres…and More

So many choices, where to begin? For years, newspapers have been dividing bestsellers into Fiction [...]

Nothing to Envy

Although I enjoy reading many genres, fiction is my favorite. I love to be transported [...]

Grammar Rules

Grammar rules rule—or do they? They certainly did in my day. As a grade school [...]

Reading Novels…Again?

Paging through the same book more than once is normal — especially if it’s a [...]

Roger Ebert

When my husband and I were newly married, our favorite date nights involved dinner and [...]

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