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Written by Matthew Masino


As the seasons turn and winter approaches, AWM Destinations will continue to provide new and exclusive experiences for travelers of all ages. This week, we’re excited to explore the Highlands of Scotland where, deep in a mysterious valley, you’ll find the picturesque village of Brigadoon. So grab your bagpipes and throw on your favorite kilt, it’s time to go traveling!

Getting There

Brigadoon is nestled in the magnificent Scottish Highlands
Brigadoon is nestled in the magnificent Scottish Highlands

AWM Destinations is proud to be the exclusive agency for travel to Brigadoon. Due to its unique history, the idyllic town cannot be found on any map. Moreover, the town is surrounded by a dense, mystical fog, making it impossible to be seen from the air or by satellite.

You’ll begin your journey to Brigadoon by flying aboard an AWM Destinations private jet to the UK. After disembarking from the plane, you’ll climb aboard an old-fashioned Jacobite Steam Train as you make your way toward the Scottish Highlands. Take in magnificent views of the flora and fauna of the region while sipping on whiskey (Scotland’s national drink) and enjoying a taste of local haggis. Once your train reaches the destination, it’s just a short hike down a murky brae (approx. 45 minutes) with a local guide until you reach Brigadoon. You’ll follow the same path that legends say was followed by two American hunters who were the first-ever visitors to the town after losing their way.

What to Expect

Grab a pint at the Tollbooth Tavern in downtown Brigadoon!
Grab a pint at the iconic Tollbooth Tavern in downtown Brigadoon!

During your trip to Brigadoon, you’ll visit an authentic Scottish fair held in MacConnachy Square. Traditionally, these fairs were held once a week and would give townsfolk the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade goods. As part of your vacation package, you’ll be given a stipend of local currency to spend at various booths. Stop by the candy booth of Sandy Dean and purchase a bag of the sweetest candy that’ll ever touch your teeth. Visit Archie Beaton’s stand and try on one of his handmade kilts created with only the finest materials and patterns. You’ll feel right at home in your traditional Scottish attire.

On your tour of the town, you’ll visit Tollbooth Tavern and the local inn. Both of these spots will give you the chance to meet up with some of the residents of Brigadoon, including Fiona MacLaren and her recently betrothed husband, Tommy Albright.

A Unique Destination

Now, we know what you’re wondering, “what exactly makes Brigadoon so special?” The answer lies in its fascinating and mythical history.

An artist's rendition of Brigadoon before it was hidden in the mist
An artist’s rendition of Brigadoon before it was hidden in the mist

Long ago, the Scottish Highlands were plagued with witches and wicked sorcerers. According to local sources, these witches were turning the good people of Scotland away from God and putting the Devil in their souls. There was, in Brigadoon, a local minister who loved his parish with all his heart named Mr. Forsythe. Though the witches hadn’t arrived in Brigadoon yet, the minister wanted to do everything he could to protect the people of his parish from the evils of his world. He prayed and asked God for a miracle. He asked God that Brigadoon and all the people in the town would vanish into the Highland mist and would return, just as it was, for one day every hundred years. When the citizens of Brigadoon awoke the next morning, they discovered the miracle had worked and it was exactly 100 years later. The people of the town rejoiced and wanted to thank the minister for all he had done for them.

Unfortunately, a miracle of this size requires a sacrifice. There is no greater sacrifice than to be separated from the ones you love most. And so, the pastor was never seen again, but the people of Brigadoon were safe. If anyone leaves Brigadoon, the enchantment is broken. When the townspeople go to sleep that night, they’ll disappear into the mist.

Visitors, like yourself, can choose to stay if they discover love in the town. They must truly love one of the citizens — not the town itself — enough to give up everything in their lives and stay with that person. As all of us at AWM Destinations know, anything is possible if you love someone deeply enough.

We want to thank you for your interest in booking your next trip with AWM Destinations, your one-stop shop for international travel. For more information or to book your trip to Brigadoon and beyond, click here. This once-in-a-lifetime trip will have you hearing the hum of Brigadoon for the rest of your days. Book your trip now! You won’t want to wait 100 years to travel again.

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