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AWM Story of the Week

Every week, the AWM is excited to bring you stories written by our visitors in our Story of the Day exhibit. Check back weekly for new stories, and visit the Museum to try out our typewriters and possibly be featured here!

This week we wanted to feature Natalie, who wrote this long piece of advice and a beautifully sad short story while visiting the Museum on a field trip from Healy with other 7th and 8th grade students. Thanks Natalie!

Dear whoever is reading this, Nice to meet you. To whoever needs this, wake up. There is a motive in you somewhere, perhaps you may not have found it yet but eventually you will. Do not give up. Although people cannot change the future, they can affect it. There is no way to know the future. Let me rephrase it: you cannot know the future, but you can affect it. Whatever it is just do it. If you are having tough times, cope, and hopefully and eventually you will overcome it. Humans have affected their future in the past. I mean like, I’m sure that back then, a long time ago, they did not have iPhones, like c’mon. Just chill, calm down and just have fun. It’s okay to stress, but just don’t stress too much. Everybody has stress, even the people you think might not, they most likely do. Like, who doesn’t? This is a very messy paper, and for that, my apologies. Actually, I am on a field trip right now and I was actually looking forward to using a typewriter. Yeah. The ch whoops I mean clicks are very satisfying. So, what’s up. I am the slowest person ever, jk. Anyways, all in all, just chill, take a chill pill, aka calm yourself. Yeah. I mean, whatever comes, let it come, because you will get through it. I guess that’s what I was trying to say n the beginning. Let’s start a short story, shall we? Let’s see.

There was once a little girl named Izzy. And she is five years old. A lot of people think she is an innocent little child, and I’m sure that at one point she was. But she is hiding a big secret. Every day, after school she goes to the big white building that has many rooms. The little girl waves hello to the woman behind the desk who plasters a sad smile on her face as she says, “Hello Izzy, how are you today?” The little girl smile back and responds “Today was a lot of fun actually. We had apples and orange juice and played at the park. It was kind of chilly outside, but I didn’t mind.” The nurse smiles and motions Izzy to hold her hand. But the little girl shakes her head, “No, I’m a big girl now, I am five years old. I know where to go. Room 132 in the hallway after you see the big doors and walk through the big doors.” The nurse’s eyes well up and she sniffles, “That’s right.” Izzy laughs, “Of course I am, I am five now, duh. I turned five yesterday, weren’t you there?”
“I was. All the staff were here at the hospital yesterday.”
“Did mommy like the cake?”
“I’m sure she did.”
The five year old girl walks through the big doors and to the room. “Mommy, I’m here.” The girl climbs onto the bed and curls up to the woman laying on the bed.
“Mommy, where’s your hair?”
“It had to go bye bye.”
“Aww, that’s too bad. I loved your hair.”
“It’s okay baby girl, I did too.”

by: Natalie JP from Healy

June 11, 2018

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