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AWM Story of the Week

Every week, the AWM is excited to bring you stories written by our visitors in our Story of the Day exhibit. Check back weekly for new stories, and visit the Museum to try out our typewriters and possibly be featured here!

This week marks our 2nd anniversary, so we are sharing a few stories about the Museum. Thanks for 2 great years! Cheers to many more!

We’re so glad you love being a member Alice! There are some great perks, check them out here.

I just spent $75 for a membership to this fantastic museum. I am inspired beyond words and with words.

$75 does not seem enough for the inspiration, the anticipation of going home to Wisconsin to write and to finish lubricating and cleaning my typewriter.

It is was to be the last $75 I had, it would still be worth it, this place is like a church to me. I will gladly eat peanut butter sandwiches everyday so I can buy a bus ticket to travel here from Madison, WI; come here for fun and companionship with complete strangers and then eat the most wonderful pizza. I would then float on air back to Union Station to catch my bus back to my home. At home my husband and dog will be waiting for me, as well as my desk, typewriter, fountain pens, pencils and notebooks.

Thank you and see you again soon!


This one is an oldie, but a goody. We hope you were able to visit again anonymous friend.

June 23, 2017

It is with great respect for this city and the writers it has produced that I’ve ventured to the American Writers Museum on this fine summer day. I am in awe of the many writers featured here. We all should be. This museum seeks to capture the spirit of the American writer and I think it succeeds admirably. Look to the past, the present, and the future to a new generation of communicators and you will be amazed. From Alcott to Zindel we celebrate the world. Whatever the medium, keep writing.


A writer, teacher, father and husband.

We’re glad someone else feels like Kerouac on the typewriters, we thought we were the only ones…

I was like a child in this museum. I love this place and all the emotions. I really want to discover this museum.

I’m feeling like Jack Kerouac when he wrote On the Road

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