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AWM Story of the Week: National Cancer Survivors Day

Every week, the AWM is excited to bring you stories written by our visitors in our Story of the Day exhibit. Check back weekly for new stories, and visit the Museum to try out our typewriters and possibly be featured here!

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day, and we have found strength and inspiration in the following stories. Today is a day meant for celebrating cancer survivors, inspiring the recently diagnosed, supporting families, and connecting to the community. Go here to learn how you can get involved.


She fought it for a long time,

but it still wasn’t enough.

The decade cancer patient paradigm–

She fought it for a long time.

I should’ve seen the signs,

This one proved to be too tough.

She fought it for a long time,

but it still wasn’t enough.

-N. F (a triolet, for B.M.)

Support networks are so important for fighters AND survivors. Keep your loved one’s flame burning by being there for them.

Fire woken by the spark

Burns gentle and true

Ashes falling, leaving mark

Away with the old, in with the new.


Bright is the flame

That rages into the night

Though we all die the same

A fire goes out with a fight.


The fuel for such passion

Is not found alone

Rather with friends of compassion

Whom with we find ourselves at home.

Brett Palmero

This writer reminds us to appreciate every day life no matter our struggles.

My life began again today.

I woke up.

Had breakfast and got ready for the day.

My husband and two boys were getting ready for breakfast.

The elevator was slow again.

We only had to wait for the bus a short time to come here.

As I look across the table at my boys typing I smile.

I wonder what will come next.

Each day is something new.

Sometimes I forget to stop and appreciate it.

We all DO!


I miss writing.

These typewriters make you think about each word you write.

Spell check and such make it too easy just to type anything without the thought to what you are writing.

Perhaps that could explain our society.

We’ve all become anonymous.

Free to type whatever comes to our minds.

Regardless of what or whom it hurts.


I feel the dark smoke around me.

I’ve seen it come for my family.

I see it coming for my friend.

I’ve done things to keep it away.

But have I done enough.

Will it still come?

Will the smoke blow past me?

What if it does?

Will it find someone else?

All I can do is hope.

Hope that one day the smoke will vanish.

But until that day….

I will walk in fear of the smoke…

I hope my boys never will………..

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