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Catherine Pierce

American Writer Spotlight: Catherine Pierce

Have you heard of Catherine Pierce? No? Well, you’re in for a treat! She is truly an extraordinary poet, and one of my personal favorites. If you need some convincing, I have plenty in store with this post. From her wonderful collections to the many reasons why I think her poetry is lovely, you’ll walk […]

Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

American Writer Spotlight: Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, or Bamewawagezhikaquay (The Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky), was an Ojibwe writer who lived in the 1800s in the upper peninsula of the Michigan Territory. A woman of many firsts, she holds the unique title of being the first Native American and female literary writer to write poetry and […]

Zelda Fitzgerald in profile

American Writer Spotlight: Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald is a complicated woman, no matter how you slice it. She’s been painted as both the hawkish wife who is the downfall of her husband and the thwarted creative spirit; both the inspiration for the Eagles’ “Witchy Woman” and a victim of the patriarchal views of the time that frustrated her artistic […]

5 Spoken Word Poems to Listen to Today

Looking for a healthy dose of word play, rhythm, intense imagery, and engaging showmanship? Look no farther than Spoken Word poetry. It has always been around, but with the emergence of Youtube and other social media platforms, the art form has seen a flurry of new, at times viral, activity. Whether you’re a newcomer Spoken […]

Poems & Poets From The Black Mountain School

The Fundamentals The Black Mountain poets were so named for their association with the experimental Black Mountain College in North Carolina from 1933 until 1956. Their progressive and nontraditional take on poetry was coined ‘projective verse’ by Charles Olson, a founding member of the movement. The approach entails a focus on the creative process rather […]

The Poetry of I: Crash Course on Confessional Poetry

What’s Happening In The Late 1950s-60s? Amid such cultural revelations as the Hula Hoop, LEGOs, color television, and Hitchcock’s Psycho, the Confessional poets were pioneering a new writing style during a time of change. From the Civil Rights Movement and Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have a Dream” Speech, to the first televised Presidential debates, […]

A group of Beat poets

Move to the Beat: Crash Course on Beat Poetry

What’s Happening in the 1950s? World War II ended in 1945. America entered the 1950s to find a newfound wave of economic growth and prosperity—but also a heap of social and political change. With the Baby Boom came the creation of modern-day suburbia and an economic boost. The Civil Rights Movement picked up with cases […]

"The Disquieting Muses," Giorgio de Chirico

5 Ekphrastic Poems By American Writers To Read Right Now

Art and poetry have been inspiring each other for a long time, which is why the literary world has given poems that confront artwork a fancy name: ekphrasis. If you’re a lover of words like I am, that word just might send shivers up your spine. This idea of ekphrasis prompted me to look into […]

Four Contemporary Native American Poets to Read Today

Sherman Alexie One of my personal favorite poets, Alexie is a joy to read both on the page and on Twitter, where he melds pop culture, his Spokane heritage, politics and calls for change, humor, and poetic thoughts. His poetry and short stories address the lives of modern Native Americans, emphasizing the realities that shape […]