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The Iconic Typewriter

If you have ever watched Madam Secretary on CBS and stayed tuned through the closing credits to the very end, you may have noticed the logo for the show’s production company. It appears for about a second and shows the name of the company, Barbara Hall Productions, in typescript within a pen and ink drawing […]

Writing the American Immigrant Experience – Achy Obejas

In her story, “We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?” Achy Obejas presents a character much like herself relating events familiar to many people who emigrated to America under very difficult circumstances.  The year is 1963 and the narrator, whose story is rooted in the author’s own, has arrived […]

Writing the American Immigrant Experience – Harry Mark Petrakis

Since the publication of his short story “Pericles on 31st Street” in the Atlantic Monthly in 1957,  Chicago-born novelist Harry Mark Petrakis has chronicled the experience of Greek Americans finding their place in an unfamiliar world.   His novels, including The Odyssey of Kostas Valakis, Nick the Greek, A Dream of Kings, and Ghost of the […]