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Truman Capote's typewriter on display at the American Writers Museum

Typewriter Tuesday: Truman Capote

Welcome to Typewriter Tuesday, a series from the American Writers Museum that aims to shed light on the typewriters and other tools behind some of your favorite works of literature. Check back every Tuesday to learn more about these trusty machines and the writers who used them. Our next special exhibit Tools of the Trade, […]

Things to Do in Chicago in Winter

AWM Offers Things to Do in Chicago in Winter (plus Twelve Odd Tales for Christmas) We know… it’s hard to find things to do in Chicago in winter (especially over winter break). You may not realize it, but the American Writers Museum is a great destination to get you out of the house AND out […]

Exploring American Cities Through True Crime

America’s most notorious crimes tend to remain in the public memory not only for particular gruesomeness or incomprehensibility, but because they disrupt a narrative of place. If you, as I do, spend a lot of time watching reruns of Forensic Files or Snapped, you’ll hear it over and over again: “It was a sleepy suburb…nothing […]