Typewriter giveaway photo contest at the American Writers Museum

Typewriter Tuesday: Photo Contest

Welcome to Typewriter Tuesday, a series from the American Writers Museum that aims to shed light on the typewriters and other tools behind some of your favorite works of literature. Check back every Tuesday to learn more about these trusty machines and the writers who used them. Our next special exhibit Tools of the Trade, opening June 2019, features more than a dozen typewriters on loan from Steve Soboroff’s impressive collection, as well as other writing implements and instruments used by American writers. Today, we’re letting you know how you can win a 1949 Smith Corona “Sterling” on us!

This might not come as a surprise, but we LOVE typewriters. And we want to share that love with you! Which is why we’re giving you the chance to win this 1949 Smith Corona Sterling, a beautiful, fully-operational machine that our Director of Operations and resident typewriter expert Christopher has meticulously restored and maintained. And don’t worry, it still has that lovely old typewriter smell!

You can win this typewriter!

Here’s how to win:

  1. Share a photo of yourself at a typewriter, either one of ours or your own, on social media by June 30.
  2. Use #ClickClackAWM to enter the contest.
  3. Be sure to tag us in your post and follow us as we’ll announce the winner online. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It’s that easy! When you visit us this June, be sure to stop by our Story of the Day desk where our typewriters are and snap a selfie. Or break out that dusty Underwood that’s been in Grandma’s attic for years and show it off. And if you’re a typewriter enthusiast, show us your whole collection…we want to see it!

Help us spread the love of typewriters one click-clack-ding at a time!


Share pictures of your typewriter and tag us for a chance to win this 1949 Smith Corona “Sterling”

Check out some of the other entries below!

This contest is in conjunction with our upcoming exhibit Tools of the Trade, which will feature more than a dozen of Steve Soboroff’s typewriters and more, and is sponsored in part by the Hugh M. Hefner Foundation. Additional sponsorship opportunities are also available for this exhibit. If you would like to support Tools of the Trade, and receive recognition and benefits in association with this exhibit, please contact Linda Dunlavy, Development Director at 312-374-8762 or by email at dunlavy@americanwritersmuseum.org. 

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