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Written by Matthew Masino


As the month of October draws to a close, AWM Destinations brings you one final spooktacular vacation spot to add to your bucket list. This week we’ll travel to a magical place where witches, vampires, and monsters of all kinds live together in peace, Halloweentown.

The Origin of Halloweentown

Halloweentown Town Square
An artist’s rendition of Halloweentown Town Square

Thousands of years ago monsters, ghouls, and witches lived alongside humans in towns all around the world. For a long time, these groups lived together peacefully, but soon fear and distrust overtook humankind and they attempted to destroy their supernatural neighbors. In response, the monsters did everything in their power to make the lives of their human neighbors as miserable as possible. As this conflict went on, the monsters felt a darkness growing inside and became afraid of becoming evil, which they are most definitely not. They decided to create their own world where they could live in peace and raise families and have jobs and start award-winning bowling leagues.

Since its founding, Halloweentown has remained largely cut off from the human world, except for once a year on Halloween night, when the portal between worlds opens. Thanks to AWM Destinations, you can be one of the select few human beings to step foot inside Halloweentown and experience the magic which is the town.

Getting There

Halloweentown Bus stop
Make sure you don’t miss the bus!

Pack your bags and hop aboard the Halloweentown Express. On the night of your journey, you’ll find a new bus stop sitting in front of your house. At a predetermined time, your traveling party will meet under the light of the full moon (and the bus stop sign) to sign a few waivers before the bus arrives. Before you know it, you’ll be on the bus flying through time and space itself on your way to Halloweentown.

After you arrive, make sure to thank the bus driver, Skinner, before stepping out to the Halloweentown Town Square. Enjoy the bustle of the citizens of Halloweentown as you explore the Town Square for the first time. This large, centrally located area is home to many shops and entertainment spots including the historic Movie Theatre and the Broom Shoppe, a must-stop destination for all young witches and warlocks out there. Sitting in the center of Town Square, you’ll find the giant Jack-O-Lantern welcoming you to Halloweentown. Don’t forget to get your picture taken! This is definitely a Kodak moment!

As you begin your adventures outside of the Town Square, you’ll want to pick up a Psychic Taxi brand cab. You may even meet driver and local celebrity Benny the Cab Driver.

Map of Halloweentown
Use this map of Halloweentown to get around!

What to Do

Your first stop will take you to Witch University, a centuries-old school housed in Cromwell Castle. Here at Witch University (WU), discover if you have what it takes to brew the perfect love potion or discover a magical artifact. During your tour, you’ll meet students and faculty members including Chancellor Lwaxana Goodwin and English Professor Persimmon Periwinkle.

Skinner the Cab Driver
With any luck the legendary Benny the Cab Driver will take you to and fro!

Next, you’ll visit the home of Gort the Rancourous, the foulest, meanest, smelliest citizen of Halloweentown. Everything that is lost in the mortal realm or in Halloweentown, ends up at the home of Gort. As the sort of “junkman of the universe,” Gort may be able to help you find that other sock you lost doing the laundry or the last piece of the puzzle you just can’t seem to find. Make sure you butter him up with lots of compliments because he is not one to part with any of his treasures.

Finally, you’ll head over and through the woods to the home of Aggie Cromwell for a Halloweentown-inspired feast. Prepare for a dinner worth talking about, as Aggie Cromwell tells you the history of Halloweentown and the story of her family (she is the daughter of Merlin’s cousin Marvin after all). You may even meet her granddaughter, Marnie Piper, who is currently the subject of a proposal to open the portal year-round.

From the Cromwell Manor, you’ll hop back in your cab to the bus awaiting you in Town Square that will take you home. Don’t miss the bus, as you’ll be stuck in Halloweentown until the next Halloween night.

It’s widely believed that our Halloween traditions are based on those of Halloweentown. So when you carve a Jack-O-Lantern or pick out your costume, make sure to thank the witches, monsters, and ghouls who inspired this spooky holiday. As we round our final bone-chilling destination, we want to thank you for following along. Whether your next vacation spot is an old colonial town that is home to legends of headless horsemen or an eerie hotel far away in the Colorado Rockies, AWM Destinations is glad to be your one stop shop for travel. Click here to learn book other spooky (and non-spooky) destinations. Everyone here at AWM Destinations wishes you a very happy and safe Halloween. Stay spooky and keep traveling!

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