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AWM Destinations: Jurassic Park

The American Writers Museum is excited to announce our newest venture: AWM Destinations, the world’s leading travel agency for faraway and fantastical destinations. Each week, AWM Destinations will showcase a unique and exciting vacation destination and spotlight some of the exciting attractions, dining, and hotel options available at each location. We hope you enjoy this series of articles and look forward to hearing about your travels with AWM Destinations.

Written by Matthew Masino

Jurassic Park

Nestled off the coast of Costa Rica, you’ll find the charming oasis of Isla Nublar. The island is a tropical paradise of lush jungles, towering cliff sides, and flowing waterfalls. While the natural beauty of the island is more than enough of a reason to visit, the island’s newest attraction is sure to turn the heads of travelers worldwide. Expected to open later this year, Jurassic Park is a safari theme park which will house real living breathing dinosaurs. Though once thought to be extinct, the dinosaurs have been brought back by the magic of modern science.

Jurassic Park is the brainchild of InGen Founder and CEO John Hammond, who discovered a process to recreate dinosaurs using DNA found in mosquitoes and other insects that had been trapped in amber for millions of years. Though the process is top secret, Hammond and chief geneticist Dr. Henry Wu have assured AWM Destinations that the process is safe and does not harm the creatures.

Getting There

Aerial image of Isla Nublar. Provided by InGen.
Aerial image of Isla Nublar. Provided by InGen.

Booking travel with AWM Destinations has never been easier. From your first step onto the plane to your last moment on the island, all your transportation will be booked and confirmed by our travel experts. To begin your trip to Isla Nublar, you’ll board a plane to the Juan Santamaría International Airport located in the Alajuela Province in Costa Rica. From there, your party will take a luxurious bus ride directly to the Port of Puntarenas for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Complimentary snacks and beverages will be available on the drive as well as alcoholic beverages for an additional fee.

Once arriving at the Port of Puntarenas, you’ll have two options for getting to the island. Jurassic Park provides complimentary boat transportation to and from the island leaving several times each day. Alternatively, helicopter transportation is available for an additional fee. Arriving to the island by helicopter is the fastest way and provides spectacular views of the island as you approach. From the port of Isla Nublar, it’s just a short walk to the Visitor’s Center and the start of your Jurassic Park adventure.

Things to Do

Concept image of Safari Tour vehicle meeting a Brachiosaurus
Concept image of Safari Tour vehicle meeting a Brachiosaurus. © Jurassic Park/Ingen

You’ll begin your tour at the Visitor’s Center, a two story rotunda with informational exhibits and complete dinosaur skeletons. In the Visitor Center’s auditorium, you can view a short program on the history of Jurassic Park and learn more about the process of bringing the dinosaurs back from extinction. This 20-minute experience will also give you a brief glimpse at the scientists of Jurassic Park as they fertilize and hatch new dinosaurs.

The main attraction of the island is the Safari Tour. Departing from the Visitor’s Center continuously through the day, self-driving Toyota Land Cruisers will take you into the heart of Jurassic Park, where you can view fifteen of the dinosaur species present on the island including the Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Gallimimus, and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Hourly feedings allow guests to get an up-close view of some of the carnivorous dinosaurs who tend to be more shy around the tour vehicles.

Lodging and Dining

Concept art for Les Gigantes
Concept art for Les Gigantes. © Jurassic Park/Ingen

Perhaps you want to extend your Jurassic Park vacation? The Safari Lodge and Iguanodon Inn, both located adjacent to the Visitor’s Center, provide lodging accommodations for an additional fee. Both hotels provide incredible views of the island’s natural beauty and dinosaur residents. Guests can look forward to the opening of the Pteratops Lodge, a high altitude hotel where visitors can observe Cearadactylus flying around the resort. The Pteratops Lodge is set to open early next summer.

Hungry? Dine at Les Gigantes, the island’s three-star dining restaurant located between the Dilophosaurus and Triceratops. Hailing from the world-famous Le Beaumanišre in France, Head Chef Alain Richard has prepared a delectable menu suitable for all ages and tastes. Vegetarian and gluten free options are also available.


Raptor Holding Pen designed specifically for Velociraptors
Raptor Holding Pen designed specifically for Velociraptors. © Jurassic Park/Ingen

We here at AWM Destinations know that a major concern when considering travel plans is safety. We have been assured by John Hammond and InGen that the island is perfectly safe and guests have absolutely nothing to worry about from any of the park’s inhabitants. The park assures us that the likelihood of dinosaurs escaping their enclosures is virtually impossible, however guests are reminded to heed all warning signs, especially those regarding electric fences that are keeping dinosaurs secure.

We know you have many options when choosing your next vacation destination and we thank you for choosing AWM Destinations. Click here to learn more or to book your future vacation at Jurassic Park.

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