"To Those Who Feel Done" by Sam Hendrian

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Thank you Sam, this poem is just what we needed this week.

“To Those Who Feel Done”
By Sam Hendrian

To those who feel done with their time on Earth
Shaken and stirred into thinking they’re scraps,
Doubtful of ever again knowing mirth,
Fearing that life is just miles of long laps,

Take a moment to relax and listen
To the waves that, though far, still surround you.
Even pits of despair with light glisten,
Despite the stress that within them ensues.

You are loved, you are loved, you are so loved;
One cannot emphasize this point enough.
No person has lived without being shoved –
But have hope that smooth always follows rough.

Be not afraid! A purpose you possess.
Your life does countless souls beaut’fully bless.

For more encouraging poems, email lpsrhen@gmail.com

A little thought on a big question:

Work to live, or live to work?

Sometimes you realize your answer does not match your actions such as when you are sitting by the river one balmy evening beer in hand, phone out of hand, stresses out of mind.

How have you been spending your days,
your thoughts,
your dreams,
your time?

There is so much and so little remaining. I am happy to spend so much of it with you.

rhw & srk

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