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Literary Libations at the AWM

Here at the American Writers Museum, three of our favorite activities are writing, reading, and drinking. Which is why we’ve decided to host a night that incorporates all three. If you get thirsty like us on Thursdays, then join us June 28 for our Literary Cocktail Tasting event. We’ll have four cocktails inspired by our exhibits and writers, as well as beer and wine. All of our exhibits will be open so we encourage you to explore and play as you sip on these signature literary cocktails.


The Imagination

  • Vodka
  • Watermelon Juice
  • Lime Juice
  • Kiwi garnish

Oh the places you’ll go when you sip this refreshing summer cocktail inspired by our Children’s Literature Gallery. Whether you hop back on the Magic School Bus or travel again to the wonderful world of Oz, this cocktail is sure to refresh and remind you of the good old times, when summer meant long days, no school, and pretending to be the Boxcar Children. Order this cocktail and let the wild rumpus begin!


The Mind of a Writer

  • Vodka
  • Raspberry Iced Tea
  • Lemonade
  • Lemon garnish

The mind of a writer is an often scattered, sometimes brilliant, mostly scary place. But it is oh so beautiful. The Mind of a Writer cocktail is not scary, but be warned it might make you think like a writer…so tread carefully. Vodka meets up with raspberry iced tea and lemonade, coming together like a writer’s thoughts and feelings come together in the form of words. How does it happen? That’s a secret mystery, but the end result is delicious.


My Kind of Town

  • Bourbon
  • Ginger Beer
  • Lime Juice
  • White Cranberry Juice
  • Lime garnish

Chicago, as Carl Sandburg called it, “City of the Big Shoulders.” We might also add, City of the Big Drinkers. This cocktail, My Kind of Town, is a nod to the city we’re in and the writers who have lived in and brought life to this city. It’s a classic cocktail, with bourbon as the sturdy foundation, but we add a distinct flourish to make this stand out, just like Chicago. Sip on this cocktail while you peruse the Chicago Gallery and think, ‘What would Ernest Hemingway do?’ (Hint: he’d drink with you.)


The Agitator

  • Bourbon
  • Ginger Ale
  • Cherry Bitters
  • Muddled Blueberries and Lemon
  • Lemon garnish

Born into slavery, taught himself to read and write, escaped into freedom…Frederick Douglass was badass. So is this cocktail. A summer take on a classic old-fashioned inspired by our newest exhibit, The Agitator is strong in character, bold in flavor and just the right amount of bitter, because you can’t bring about social change if you’re not at least a little bitter. Don’t be afraid of the name, you won’t get agitated. But also don’t be afraid TO agitate those who deserve it. As Douglass said, to be a great leader you have to, “Agitate. Agitate. Agitate.” Start by having a drink first.

The Literary Cocktail Tasting is Thursday, June 28 at 6 pm. Each drink ticket is $5, reserve ahead of time or purchase the night of. Remember, please drink and write responsibly.

One thought on “Literary Libations at the AWM

  1. Cindy says:

    This sounds great. A suggestion: the last cocktail event I went to at AWM, there wasn’t any option for non-drinkers – no water, soda, nada. I hope this is rectified at your events moving forward. Even drinkers often want to switch to something nonalcoholic if they are driving. Since you are charging for drinks this time, I hope you’ll make this happen!

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