Episode 1: Edgar Allan Poe

Nation of Writers
Nation of Writers
Episode 1: Edgar Allan Poe

Welcome to the Nation of Writers Podcast, part of the American Writers Museum podcast network. This episode is the first in a new monthly series that aims to explore our ever growing Nation of Writers by examining powerful and significant American Voices throughout history. We’ll talk with experts around the country about the writers that have shaped our nation with their words and you’ll get the inside scoop about these writers and their writing process. This podcast is presented in conjunction with our forthcoming virtual exhibit American Voices.

We’re starting off spooky with Episode 1 as we chat about the one and only Edgar Allan Poe with Enrica Jang, Director of Poe Baltimore and Chris Semtner, Curator of The Poe Museum.

One thought on “Episode 1: Edgar Allan Poe

  1. John Moloney says:

    Edgar Allan Poe considered himself a Citizen of the Universe. I found 2 things interesting. First that he liked to write about current topics, that was Race Relations and today, 150 years later it is still Race Relations. Secondly, most American writers like to have a moral lesson, a silver lining, or some ending that is positive. Edgar Allan Poe was comfortable with dark writings and dark endings. Such as the Mask of the Red Death. There were 7 Chambers in 7 different colors. We are not sure if this represents the 7 deadly sins, 7 days of the week. At the time he was writing this his wife was dying of Tuberculosis. Many think this inspired the darkness of the Mask of the Red Death.

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