Episode 2: Ray Bradbury & the FBI

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Episode 2: Ray Bradbury & the FBI

This month, co-hosts Jennifer and Zakiya discuss Ray Bradbury, exploring how he defended freedom of imagination throughout his career, from using his science fiction to point out the evils of authoritarianism to publishing the incendiary classic Fahrenheit 451 to fighting McCarthyism. The guest for this episode is Jon Eller, co-founder of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies and a chancellor’s professor emeritus at Indiana University School of Liberal Arts. 

About the hosts: Jennifer Keishin Armstrong is the author of the New York Times bestseller Seinfeldia and the upcoming book When Women Invented Television, available March 23rd. Zakiya Dalila Harris’ debut novel, The Other Black Girl, comes out June 1st from Atria Books in the US, and Bloomsbury Books in the UK.

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