Episode 30: Uri Shulevitz

AWM Author Talks
AWM Author Talks
Episode 30: Uri Shulevitz

This week, hear from Caldecott Medal-winning author and illustrator Uri Shulevitz about his new illustrated memoir Chance: Escape from the Holocaust. Presented in partnership with the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center. This conversation took place October 13th, 2020 and was recorded live via Zoom.

We hope you enjoy entering the mind of a writer. Listen to more episodes and podcasts here.


Each time I heard an explosion, I closed my eyes and held the paper in the air. Now, my pencil became an airplane.”

“In spite of all those travels I still had a home. I had drawing and I had stories…that was the home away from home and something that couldn’t be taken away from me.”

“As I kept on writing I realized that the ‘what’ came before the ‘how’…what I had to say was the most important thing and how to say it was of secondary importance.”

“The hardest part was the hunger…the hunger pains were raw and strong. My mother’s stories that she was telling me would distract me and ease those pains.”

“My two big loves were drawing and stories, so it was natural…I was 25 when I saw a picture book for the first time. And when I saw what it was–words and pictures–that is when I realized this is what I wanted to do.”

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