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Nerds Unite!

Do you ever feel like you’re stranded on an island and the only person who [...]

Writing Out the Bad Stuff

Last summer someone gutted my new bike. Both wheels and the seat, gone. They left [...]

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the American Writers Museum Today

The American Writers Museum was recently voted the top attraction in the state of Illinois [...]


Totality is rare these days. A constantly on-the-go society has little time for completion. Even [...]

Tom Wolfe and the Power of Language

This past December, during the frenzied buildup to Christmas, I was shopping for gifts for [...]

Welcome to City Lights

“Welcome to City Lights. A literary meeting place since 1953.” So reads the hand-painted sign hung [...]



The do-it-yourself mentality is thriving. Websites like Pinterest offer everyday people the chance to create [...]

Reading About Writing

As a young man trying to become a better writer, I’ve received many bits of [...]

Why Do Stories Matter?

Why do stories matter? A college professor asked our class this once. Why do stories [...]

Don’t Break the Chain

My oldest brother gave me a small golden retriever puppy calendar for Christmas. So thoughtful. [...]

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