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Transatlantic Writers: Between the Wars

The early Twentieth Century was a critical time for American literature. America was producing its own share of writers inspired by the Modernist experiment across the Atlantic, and those experiments in turn shaped American literature in perpetuity. In this period, many Americans went across the sea to Europe – most famously with the so-called ‘Lost […]

William Faulkner taking a break

Losing Battles

In the short history of the United States, there’s arguably no conflict that has impacted the county’s culture, image, and politics more than the Civil War that ended in 1865. Unsurprisingly, the conflict has  been portrayed many times in books, film, and television in a variety of ways. No single work or author seems to […]

Ways the World Ends

Various American authors, both in-genre and out of it, have depicted the end of the world as we know it. Some are more interested in the how and why, while in others the end of the world is in the background rather than the fore. Some stories climax in the apocalypse, while others use it […]

Recreated People

Writers frequently chose to create stories that are inspired by or directly based on actual events. Adapted real people into fiction is especially prominent in historical novels. However, depending on the story and the writer, these adaptations may vary significantly. Sometimes real people are recreated in realistic detail based on available historical sources. At other […]

Ways the West Was Won

If there is one unique genre the United States has contributed to world literature, it is the Western. The expansion of the country across the frontier to the Pacific was a defining feature of American history and politics until the end of the 19th Century, and this theme continues to be addressed in American literature […]

Created Places

Specific, physical locations are often an important part of a story. Through detailed depictions of physical places an author can help the reader build a mental picture of a world and add a crucial sense of reality to a story. However, writers have chosen a variety of ways to portray these locations. Some places, especially […]

Created Worlds, Part 2

For the writer of mainstream fiction, creating detailed origins for the people and places in the story is an option. For the writer of genre fiction it’s practically a necessity. There are countless series of science fiction or fantasy novels set in mythic worlds with richly imagined futures. What stands out among them are instances […]

William Faulkner map

Created Worlds, Part 1

The act of writing fiction is essentially an act of creation. When putting together a novel, the novelist must create peoples and places, bring them to life in a story, and portray them with vivid detail that makes the story come alive for the reader. Many times novels exist as self-contained creations, but sometimes these […]