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Transatlantic Writers: Between the Wars

The early Twentieth Century was a critical time for American literature. America was producing its [...]

Losing Battles

In the short history of the United States, there’s arguably no conflict that has impacted [...]

Ways the World Ends

Various American authors, both in-genre and out of it, have depicted the end of the [...]

Recreated People

Writers frequently chose to create stories that are inspired by or directly based on actual [...]

Ways the West Was Won

If there is one unique genre the United States has contributed to world literature, it [...]

Created Places

Specific, physical locations are often an important part of a story. Through detailed depictions of [...]

Created Worlds, Part 2

For the writer of mainstream fiction, creating detailed origins for the people and places in [...]

Created Worlds, Part 1

The act of writing fiction is essentially an act of creation. When putting together a [...]

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