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AWM Destinations: The Haunted Mansion

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Written by Matthew Masino

The Haunted Mansion

When hinges creak in doorless chambers, and strange and frightening sounds echo through the halls — that is the time to book your next exciting adventure with AWM Destinations. As we continue through the month of October, we are excited to be showcasing some of our spookier destinations. This week we’ll be visiting The Haunted Mansion, a stately southern manor with a fascinating history known all across the world. There’s so much to talk about, so look alive and let’s get started.

Book your stay at The Haunted Mansion today!
Book your stay at The Haunted Mansion today!

History of the Mansion

Early in the 20th century, a group of Louisiana businessmen came together with an idea to construct a brand new tourist attraction: “The Museum of the Weird.” The original plans included a wax museum, a haunted house, and a restaurant. To save time and money, they purchased an empty manor house and began preparations to open their museum. However, despite public interest and support from the local town council, the museum did not open.

The building would sit abandoned for many years; until developers from a California theme park purchased the house and transported it to the west coast. Rather than move forward with the previous “Museum of the Weird” idea, the park decided to open a retirement home of sorts. The Mansion would become a hostel for lost and homeless ghosts from all across the world where spirits could enjoy art, have parties, and meet new and exciting visitors. They would call it, “The Haunted Mansion.”

Since it’s opening, The Haunted Mansion has garnered quite the reputation amongst its undead clientele, sporting an incredibly impressive 999 ghostly residents with room for more!

What to See and Do

the dark sanctum of Madame Leota who will perform a one-of-a-kind séance
Stop by Madame Leota’s dark sanctum for a séance.

During your visit to the Mansion, AWM Destinations will pair you up with your own undead guide or, as they prefer to be called, Ghost Host, who will accompany you during your travels.

During your visit, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to the dark sanctum of Madame Leota who will perform a one-of-a-kind séance. As her dismembered head floats around the room in a mist-filled crystal ball, she’ll read your fortune and summon spirits to materialize around you. A great lover of music, Madame Leota may also treat you to a small concert using the many instruments she has floating lazily around her in the air.

Art lovers won’t want to miss the Mansion’s expansive collection of portraits and sculptures. Curated by world renowned artist (and mansion resident) Paul Tergyst, each piece in the house is inspired by one of the residents who reside in the Mansion, shown in their more corruptible, mortal states. You won’t want to look away as the art transforms before your eyes and slowly turns into a nightmare on the wall.

dance and dine in the Grand Hall.
Dance and dine in the Grand Hall!

Guests at the Mansion will also have the opportunity to dance and dine in the Grand Hall. Traditionally used for parties and high society dinners, the residents of the Mansion celebrate their annual “Death Day” parties here year round. Join the happy haunts for their swinging wake and enjoy a 3-course meal with delicious cake prepared by Chef Ray N. Carnation. If you’re traveling over the holiday season, you’ll get a taste of the world famous gingerbread recipe which is sure to delight travelers of all ages.

Before you leave, you’ll want to be sure to check out the Mansion’s graveyard. A jazzy tune fills the air as hundreds of ghosts of all kinds come out for a late night party. Meet medieval mistresses and Egyptian mummies while your fellow travelers mingle with Victorian-era royalty and sip tea with British earls. The graveyard’s acapella group, the Phantom Five, are sure to be performing some fan favorites, including their world renowned “Grim Grinning Ghosts.”

Beware! Hitchhiking Ghosts!

hitchhiking ghosts
Watch out for these frightening freeloaders!

As you begin to pack up your belongings for the journey home, please be sure to check that there are no lingering spirits attached to your essence. Hitchhiking Ghosts have been known to follow guests home and get loose in the outside world. A $500 surcharge will be billed for any guest not properly checking their spirits at the door.

We know you have an endless number of options when it comes to travel planning, so we want to thank you for selecting AWM Destinations. With the help of our hardworking travel associates, your trip to The Haunted Mansion is sure to be a success! In fact, you may love it so much that you decide to stay forever. For more information on The Haunted Mansion or to book your upcoming vacation click here. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you travelling soon.

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