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There’s no better way to say this truth:

There is more good than bad in the world. Never doubt that; never doubt your contribution to society as a whole.

Chicago is a great place to find yourself:

May 16, 2017

There was a day when I could write letters every day without having to think about doing it.

Today, “liberated” by the computer, I am now finding that I must remember the very fact that I can write by hand, much less by typewriter.

And yet when I write on this machine, I find that a part of my being is awakened and I find my soul liberated from the prison in which it has been caught since I have used a computer.

Perhaps the day the internet crashes we will find our souls again…connected to our flesh are words, are our thoughts.

Thank you, Chicago, for this museum…for this moment, for my self.

Life is a gift, as this author realized:

First night back in Chicago after 20 years.

Sitting on stools.

Rich and I looking out at the cacophony of river sounds. Text comes through Amy has missed the plane to rehab again. Boaters, revelers, dark, mirrored waters of the Chicago River.

Celebrating and reflecting in the water all the faces of our ancestors who came before us here in Chicago.

Dave, Jake, Sid, Teenie, LaVerne…family together.

Journeying across the midwest and through our lives.

Regret is a losing feeling.

Life is for the present and is a gift to be treaured.

Amy, go for it.

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