Poem signed by Chandrima, 11-year-old, girl

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We loved this poem, and hope to see you back when you publish your first book of poetry Chandrima!

When I look at the sea
I sea a chance of a lifetime
When I look at the world
I see a world just for me
When I look at the canyons
I see a place that I can be
When I look at this earth
I see a life that is meant to see
When I look at the time
I see an open world
When I look outside
I can see only the world
When you can find a time.
I’ll be there
When you can find the world at me
Then I shall see it here.
11-year-old, girl

This anonymous writer may have a different idea of what a good poem is, because we thought this was quite powerful.

This poem is not a good poem
But if I were a man
You would hang it up in a museum
and call me a god
and beautiful girls with Barbie legs
and wounded eyes
would write me letters and
knock on my door and say
Your poem is a good poem.

Chicago May 9th

It’s fitting that Bob Dylan helped this writer, as today is his birthday. As the writer after this story wrote on the same page: “you will always have support among other writers”

Today is the day I accomplished the most amazing feat of my entire life. I separated myself from the claws of domestic reliance on my husband of 35 years. He dropped me off at the Writer’s Museum and I began to wander the exhibits. I read about Bob Dylan and listened to him sing. He was the voice of my youth but I was too poor and practical to appreciate his rebellion. He spoke out against the status quo but I was just learning about what that was. I wanted a career so I was in college, hoping to put more bread on the table. Now at 66 I seemed to be hearing his voice in a new way. He was remarkable. And now I will keep looking through the museum until it closes. Then where will I go? I have 100 dollars in my pocket.

A hundred bucks ain’t nothing, but it’s still not enough to change your life.

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