Happy birthday Bob Dylan!

Bob Dylan: Electric Inspires Creativity

How does it feel…to be 78 years old? Just ask Bob Dylan!

Today the Shakespeare of Rock & Roll celebrates his 78th trip around the sun and we’re celebrating by sharing some messages left by visitors in our special exhibit Bob Dylan: Electric. This exhibit opened in November and features original handwritten lyrics, Dylan’s personal copy of Catcher in the Rye, vintage concert posters, and more. We couldn’t have a Dylan exhibit without music, so there are also visual and audio components where you can listen to Dylan songs and other artists covering his work.

One interactive portion of the exhibit is a dry erase board where visitors can share their thoughts and feelings about what Dylan’s lyrics and music mean to them. We love seeing and reading these messages, as they remind us of the power of music to connect us and spread positive energy. The notes range in length and style, with multi-sentence notes nestled alongside one-word reactions and in-depth illustrations. The result is a diverse landscape of messages that, when looked at together, convey an over-arching message of love, family, and the value of earnest creative expression.

We’ve been taking photos of these messages since Bob Dylan: Electric opened and, in honor of Dylan’s birthday today, have compiled some of our favorites for you here. Enjoy the slideshow and stop by this summer to share your own messages with us before the exhibit closes in the fall!

Bob Dylan: Electric will close in the Fall of 2019, so be sure to stop by this summer and say hello.
Plan your visit today!

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