A Royal typewriter at the American Writers Museum

AWM Story of the Week

Every week, the AWM is excited to bring you stories written by our visitors in our Story of the Day exhibit. Check back weekly for new stories, and visit the Museum to try out our typewriters and possibly be featured here!

Through the fence, between the curling flower spaces, I could see them hitting their small, wooden bats against the baseballs. What I would give to be with them, teaching me the wonderful world of baseball. What I would do to be anywhere but here, trapped in this small, cluttered house with two parents who barely paid attention to my existence. My only comfort was my small Sheltie pup, Wilson. He was the only happiness I had in my 11-year-old life. I found him on the side of the road, half starved and seemed-to-be beaten. Him and I were on the same path, and we were both lost, never to be found in the swirling hurricane that was my life. But we had each other, and as long as we had that, we would make it through, no matter how bad the storm.

-Beth D., Age 15

This powerful story reminded us that we are all responsible for helping those in need. If you have ever been looking through the slats, wanting the “wonderful world of baseball,” check out the AWM’s upcoming program, The Thrill of the Grass: Celebrating Baseball Writing For the Ages on Tuesday, April 17 at 6:30 p.m.

The next piece of writing is actually two letters exchanged between visitors on the same sheet of paper, which we thought was a great way to communicate with others in the Museum!

Hi how’s it going?

I have been typing on this typewriter for a little while now. It is much faster than the previous model, but at the same time it is slower than a computer. I like the sounds of this one better than a computer. I feel like the writing is very much alive. It’s a much more involving process. You must think carefully before you type as there is no taking back ink.



Hi Ella,

Good to hear from you. I agree about this model feeling more alive than a computer. It could be considered a little disconcerting the way it is constantly making noise. I could understand how an author would start to think of machines as being alive while she writes on this typewriter. I think I would be a little nervous to trust my words with this typewriter,I think it might just steal all my work and run away with it. Food for thought???

Talk to you soon,

Dana 🙂

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