Member Mondays: "My New Norm"

My New Norm

Member Mondays: Keeping AWM members connected.

We asked our members to share their thoughts and feelings about reading and writing in these uncertain times, so we may share them with fellow members and other literature lovers. Check back regularly to see what our members are doing to pass the time and how they are staying connected while staying home.

My New Norm

By Geraldine Kay

Member since 2019

As I sit at home for another day

I am getting to know my fridge

In a very dangerous way.

starting in the morn 

and for the rest of the day

If the virus doesn’t get me, and count me out

My fridge and obesity will do it, no doubt.

The guilt I feel as I open the fridge and look in,

Only comes, after I eat something, not before I begin.

Coronavirus deems the exercise room, as not safe now.

My new exercise is walking to fridge to get more chow.

I keep telling myself that this won’t last

I pray it ends soon and I do mean fast.

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