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Dublin Writers Museum & American Writers Museum: Contrasts of Place

From Chicago to Dublin and back, I have seen the likes of two nations’ writers museums, and, as they would say in Ireland, it was craic (crack)— “the serious work of play.” The idea for the American Writers Museum (AWM) spawned from the influence of The Dublin Writers Museum. The two museums are unacquainted cousins […]

Author Evaleen Stein and her “Little House of Dreams”

I live across the street from the former home of early-twentieth century author, poet, and artist Evaleen Stein. When Evaleen and her mother built their home in Lafayette, Indiana, in 1910, complete with a lush, well-planned side garden, they named their sprightly cottage Little House of Dreams. Evaleen painted a verse above the fireplace where […]

Angie Klink in the Stratton-Porter garden

Author and Naturalist Gene Stratton-Porter, a Kindred Spirit

Last summer I visited the Cabin at Wildflower Woods, the former home of one of America’s most popular early-twentieth century authors, Gene Stratton-Porter. Now a state historic site, the craftsman-style cottage overlooks Sylvan Lake near Rome City, Indiana. Nestled amid maples and oaks, and surrounded by a garden bejeweled in the spring with a grand […]

Madelyn Pugh Davis on set with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Madelyn Pugh Davis: Girl Writer for “I Love Lucy” – Part 2

Last we left off, it was the late 1940s and Madelyn Pugh Davis and her scriptwriting partner Bob Carroll Jr. had just set their sights to write for the coast-to-coast CBS radio show My Favorite Husband starring Lucille Ball. At the time, Davis and Carroll were writing in California for a Pacific network show starring […]

Madelyn Pugh Davis at her desk

Madelyn Pugh Davis: Girl Writer for “I Love Lucy” – Part 1

To my amazement, I recently learned that “Vitameatavegamin” was written by a sister-writer from Indiana. I’m a writer who has lived my entire life in the Hoosier state, and I was weaned on I Love Lucy reruns. I know every episode starring Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo. I have dressed as Lucy for Halloween carrying […]