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Pablo Cartaya featured in the American Writers Museum's new exhibit My America

My America: Pablo Cartaya

Throughout his life, people have been telling Pablo Cartaya to stop speaking Spanish. When he got to kindergarten his teacher told him they don’t speak Spanish in the classroom, even though that was the only language he knew at the time. Fast forward to graduate school when his advisor told him he doesn’t have to use so much Spanish in his work, he could write something normal. But Spanish is normal to Cartaya, so he didn’t listen.

Pablo Cartaya at the American Writers Museum on February 4, 2019

My America: Pablo Cartaya

In conjunction with AWM’s special exhibit My America: Immigrant and Refugee Writers Today, we present a series of conversations with leading contemporary writers about their latest work and their thoughts on themes of identity, home, belonging and the meaning of what it is to be American. Join us in welcoming bestselling author and actor PABLO CARTAYA, who’ll […]