Amity Island

AWM Destinations: Amity Island

The American Writers Museum is excited to welcome back our partner AWM Destinations, the world’s leading travel agency for faraway, fantastical and totally fictional destinations. AWM Destinations showcases unique and exciting vacation destinations, while spotlighting some of the exciting attractions, dining, and hotel options available at each location. We hope you enjoy this series and we look forward to hearing about your travels with AWM Destinations. 

Written by Matthew Masino

Amity Island

As the weather outside gets colder, we’re sure you’ve already begun dreaming about visiting a place where the sun is always shining. With the help of AWM Destinations, your travels will be a breeze as you escape to a summer getaway in the seaside resort town of Amity Island. Known for its crystal-clear water, plentiful fishing spots, and crisp, clean air, Amity Island is the perfect destination for travelers of all ages.

UPDATE: This post has been updated with new incoming information regarding recent events which have occurred on the island.

Map of Amity Island
Explore Amity Island!

Located just off the coast of New England and a stone’s throw from Martha’s Vineyard, Amity Island is gearing up to celebrate the oncoming summer season, which kicks off with the Annual 4th of July Celebration. While the winters on Amity Island are cold and unwelcoming, it’s never too early to plan your summer travels. The rays of the summer sun bring excitement, warmth, and the influx of tourists from the mainland. The Islanders (that’s what locals call themselves) are excited to welcome you ashore!

UPDATE: Amity Island Police Chief Martin Brody is looking for any information relating to the death of a young woman found this morning on the South Beach. Her death is believed to be the result of a boating accident.

There’s so much to do during your visit, you won’t know where to start. Visitors and Islanders alike love taking a day on the white shore beaches of Amity. Swim amongst the gentle surf and cool breeze of Auril Bay as the local Boy Scout troop attempt a mile swim for their merit badges. The nature lovers out there can throw on some snorkel gear and discover unknown worlds of the local flora and fauna. Snorkeling equipment and floaties are available to rent for a small fee.

UPDATE: Reports are coming in of a shark attack taking place earlier today on Amity Town Beach. A young boy, Alex M. Kintner, is believed to have been killed in the attack. His mother is offering a $3,000 reward to capture and kill the shark.

Photo of boat in water
Take a guided boat tour!

For visitors looking for a truly unique experience, we recommend booking a memorable tour with Captain Jake’s Amity Boat Tours. Whether sailing on the Amity Sunset Cruise or the Surf ‘n’ Turf Fishing Expedition, the guides at Captain Jake’s are sure to make your experience at sea worthwhile. Visitors may also be interested in renting bikes from Keisel’s Bike Rental or shopping at Harry’s Hat Shop. Wherever you go and whatever you do, you’ll know you’re supporting the business of Islanders who rely on this summer season for their income. 

UPDATE: As of this evening, Captain Jake’s Amity Boat Tours have been completely booked up, with visitors from off-island attempting to catch the shark. While local fishermen had caught a large tiger shark, it was later discovered not to be the true culprit of the vicious attacks. The Great White shark remains at large, waiting to kill again.

Many guests to Amity Island have been visiting every summer for more than 30 years and now, by special arrangement with the Amity Island Board of Tourism, clients of AWM Destinations can get more exclusive discounts and access to private experiences than ever before. You’ll stay in only the finest of lodgings and visit the most delicious restaurants the island has to offer. Visitors booking with AWM Destinations will be some of the few to have passes to a private beach. Mayor Larry Vaughn and the entire population of Amity Island can’t wait for you to arrive. To learn more about Amity Island and to book your experience, click here.

UPDATE: Due to the multiple recent shark attacks, AWM Destinations is no longer offering Amity Island vacation packages and will be issuing refunds to travelers who booked with us. For your safety and the safety of those you love, stay away from the island and educate yourself on the true dangers of shark attacks. If you’ve already booked your tickets, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your AWM Destinations representative to see about exchanging them for a trip to one of our safer destinations, such as the brand new theme park from InGen Founder and CEO John Hammond, which is set to open later this year. Click here to learn more.

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Matthew Masino is the Social Media Coordinator for the AWM. He is also a content creator, writer, and theatre director based in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated with a B.F.A. in Theatre Directing from Columbia College Chicago in 2019. As a theatre artist, Matthew has worked with the International Voices Project, the Chicago Fringe Festival, and BYOT Productions. You can learn more by visiting his website


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  1. Patricia Lafleche says:

    I love that movie and watched it since it first was released into the drive in ! I went to see it when I went to see my sister Louise Hunn and her last name is different when she divorced her husband after the way she found out her husband was cheating on her. Leslie Candeleria was a 15 year old friend I had befriended at the time we went to see Jaws the Revenge in the summer of 1987 when I went to visit my sister Loise Hunn in New Mexico. I am a total fan of Jaws ! I love all actors in that film!

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