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John Lennon's typewriter at the American Writers Museum

Typewriter Tuesday: John Lennon

Welcome to Typewriter Tuesday, a series from the American Writers Museum that aims to shed light on the typewriters and other tools behind some of your favorite works of literature. Check back every Tuesday to learn more about these trusty machines and the writers who used them. Our next special exhibit Tools of the Trade, […]

Writing the American Immigrant Experience: Isaac Bashevis Singer

On every street in every city in America, there is a story on every face reaching back through the generations.   Isaac Bashevis Singer, who was born in Poland and emigrated to America as a young man, wrote a wide variety of stories that reflect this grand river of history.  His body of work flows through […]

Why We Should All Read The Squatter and the Don

Classic American literature can sometimes feel as distant in time as it does in style from our 21st century moment. But just as our histories continue to echo into our present, so too do classic texts have a great deal to do with society and culture today. Indeed, many such texts offer vital lessons for […]

Why We Should All Read America is in the Heart

In the early 1930’s, a time of economic turmoil and inequality, and a period of deep national tensions and divisions, Carlos Bulosan immigrated to the United States from the Philippines to find work as a migrant laborer. He was far from the first from his country to do so; indeed, there had been Filipino American […]

Writing the American Immigrant Experience – Achy Obejas

In her story, “We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?” Achy Obejas presents a character much like herself relating events familiar to many people who emigrated to America under very difficult circumstances.  The year is 1963 and the narrator, whose story is rooted in the author’s own, has arrived […]

Writing the American Immigrant Experience – Harry Mark Petrakis

Since the publication of his short story “Pericles on 31st Street” in the Atlantic Monthly in 1957,  Chicago-born novelist Harry Mark Petrakis has chronicled the experience of Greek Americans finding their place in an unfamiliar world.   His novels, including The Odyssey of Kostas Valakis, Nick the Greek, A Dream of Kings, and Ghost of the […]