Created Worlds, Part 2

For the writer of mainstream fiction, creating detailed origins for the people and places in [...]

Steinbeck’s Monterey

Of all the American writers influenced by a sense of place, there were perhaps few [...]

Remembering Nelle Harper Lee

Almost anyone can throw words together and refer to themselves as a writer; few, however, [...]

Sex and the City and the Best of Everything

Shortly before Rona Jaffe’s death in 2005, she wrote the foreword for a reissue of [...]

Zane Grey

An awkward moment occurred during my recent tour of the author Zane Grey’s, cabin in [...]

William Apess’ “Looking-Glass”: Why We Should All Read It

Throughout American history, countless have left their mark on society with their words. William Apess [...]

American Writer Spotlight: Jane Johnston Schoolcraft

Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, or Bamewawagezhikaquay (The Sound the Stars Make Rushing Through the Sky), was [...]

Minimalism vs. Maximalism

Since the mid 20th Century, American writing has been broadly divided into two schools, minimalism [...]

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Reading About Writing

As a young man trying to become a better writer, I’ve received many bits of [...]

Salinger At Princeton – Part 1

Last year I made an unusual pilgrimage. I flew from Chicago to New York, took [...]

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