The Rise of Hamilton

If you haven’t heard about the little show about a Founding Father that started out [...]

The Marathon of Infinite Jest

A novel 1,079 pages long is not the best one to start reading on a [...]

Five Great Film Adaptations of American Literature

5. No Country for Old Men (2007, dir. Joel and Ethan Coen) Cormac McCarthy’s novels [...]

Reading Novels…Again?

Paging through the same book more than once is normal — especially if it’s a [...]

Stuart Brent Books: A Memory

Stuart Brent Books was a magical bookstore on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, owned and managed by [...]


At Home With Hemingway

In the middle of summer on the beautiful campus of Dominican University in Oak Park, [...]

Books on the Small Screen

Every so often, literature appears outside of literature. The Shakespearean “sleep of death” catalyzes the [...]

The Something Wonderful of Cormac McCarthy

If there is a literary late bloomer, it is Cormac McCarthy. For much of his [...]

5 Spoken Word Poems to Listen to Today

Looking for a healthy dose of word play, rhythm, intense imagery, and engaging showmanship? Look [...]

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Writers on the Road

Throughout history, Americans have  been known for their desire to discover and explore new places [...]

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